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  • Passport

    Interviews for New Afghan Passport will only be conducted daily from 9:00AM to 12:00PM

    Requirements for a New Passport: (Apply in Person)
      1- Afghan National ID (Tazkera) 2- One passport application form. 3- Two passport-sized photos (with name written at the back and attached) 4- If you have a permanent resident card, provide evidence to prove your Afghani citizenship, along with one type of photo identification , previous Afghani passport (in case the applicant doesn’t have Afghani passport, please provide your record of landing paper)
    1. In case if the passport has been lost, please provide our office with a full copy of police report
      Passport picture requirements:
    • 2 Pictures
    • [b]2 inches wide X 2 inches long photos
    • White background
    • Must be taken within 6 months
      Processing time and fees:
    • The new machine-readable Afghan passport fee will be $120 US Dollar plus $1 Bank Fee plus a shipment fee of $20.00 CAD.
    • It will take at least 5 business days

      All passport fees must be paid in US Dollar to Afghanistan Consulate General in Toronto Account and all shipment fees must be paid in Canadian Dollar to Afghanistan Consulate General in Toronto Account)